iOS 16.1 beta adds ‘Adaptive Transparency’ feature to original AirPods Pro: What it means for users

iOS 16.1 beta adds ‘Adaptive Transparency’ feature to original AirPods Pro: What it means for users


Apple released the third beta of iOS 16.1 to developers earlier this week, and it seems to be bringing ‘Adaptive Transparency’ mode to the original AirPods Pro. The ‘Adaptive Transparency’ debuted with the newly announced second-generation AirPods Pro.

As per users on Reddit, the latest iOS 16.1 beta brings a new firmware 5A304A for the first-generation AirPods Pro, adding the ‘Adaptive Transparency’ toggle in the settings for AirPods. However, it is not known as of now if this feature works or not.

What is ‘Adaptive Transparency’ mode on second-gen AirPods Pro

he new AirPods Pro comes with two types of transparency mode — one is your regular transparency mode, letting in all the sound it can. The ‘Adaptive Transparency’ is the new one, which cancels the loud environmental noise, allowing you to listen to many important sounds.

Here’s how Adaptive Transparency works: it cancels any noise surpassing the 85 decibels value like ‘passing vehicle siren, construction tools, or even loudspeakers,’ so that one can hear more important sounds such as conversation, vehicle horns and others.

Apple says that the new H2 chip on the second-generation AirPods Pro enables the “Adaptive Transparency” on these, while the older one comes with an H1 chip. So, it is a little sceptical of such a hardware-enabled feature to come to an older product with a software update.

The ‘Adaptive Transparency’ for the original AirPods Pro could be true or a mistake. Or this might not even make it out of beta. So, it is better to wait until the stable build of iOS 16.1 drops, before getting excited.

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